Use the LibCal Seat Booking tools below to find a place to study in the Library and other areas on campus!

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Welcome back to campus and to the library, undergraduate students! In addition to library study spaces, Brown University has expanded access to include seating in Sayles Hall, Alumnae Hall, and in the Kasper Auditorium in the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center as part of a pilot program.

Book a Seat Search and make a reservation.

Check In Take possession of your reserved seat upon arrival.

Check Out Check out of your seat when you are ready to leave.

Instructions for using the Seat Booking system


image representing example of the libcal seat booking interface​​​​​​

  1. Click the "Book a Seat" button at the top of this page. On the screen that follows, select a library location and a seating category type from the popup selection options, then click the "Show Availability" button.
  2. On the Single Seat Booking page (see reference image), use the “Go To Date” button or the left and right arrows to select a date for your reservation. If there are no seats available at the current time, a "Next Available" button will also appear. [Note: currently you may only see availability for a week in advance.]
  3. Scroll through the seating options for the date. Seats are labeled according to room, building, and seat number. We've also indicated whether there is access to power nearby. Click on the “Info” button in front of each seat name for a brief description and mini-map of a particular seat location. [Note: clicking on a seat name will open a new window and show you availability for that seat only! Use your browser back button to return.]
  4. Availability is indicated on the grid in green. When you click a green box, in most cases you are selecting a 2-hour reservation block. If everything appears to be red (unavailable), use the numbered links at the bottom of the list to see additional seats, as we have over 400 seats available to reserve.
  5. When you click a green box it will become orange to indicate your selection. You are also placing a temporary hold on this time slot. If you navigate away from this page, the time slot will appear “Unavailable” until you complete your reservation or after 3 minutes of inactivity
  6. Once selected, your requested time slot will also be displayed at the bottom of the page as text. You can click the trash icon to cancel your selection and to make another choice from the grid.
  7. If you are satisfied with your selection, click the “Submit Times” button. You will be prompted to login using your Brown credentials, if not already logged in.
  8. On the screen that follows, you should see your name and email address and can now click "Submit My Booking."
  9. You should then see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email (check your spam/junk folder if you do not). Please be prepared to show your reservation confirmation to staff or security at the building or room entrance, using your mobile device or computer.
  10. For Library Seating: When you arrive at the library, make your way to your reserved seat. Use your mobile device's scanner or camera to scan the QR code, along with the code you receive by email, to "check in" at the seat. You may also return to this page and use the "Check In" button at the top of this page.
  11. For Non-Library Seating: When you arrive at your destination, the seating is Open Seating. You do not need to check in to the specific seat  you reserved, but you will be asked to show your confirmation.